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Using Atmosphere and Mood to Elicit Emotions inside a Shot?

Both atmosphere and mood have got a significant role to try out in photography. While mood will convey an emotional tone, the climate plays an important role in projecting feelings of space and time. Both elements have got a great influence on the viewer. They draw the viewer towards the image and enable them to to connect better together with the photo. From the following section, I provides you with a detailed insight on using place, time, various seasons, patterns and color for enhancing and transforming the atmosphere of your respective photos.


Should you be willing to depict a particular mood from the atmosphere, you will have to understand that they are naturally influenced by your surroundings. So you should choose the best location for determining the atmosphere and the atmosphere from the shot.

As lighting has a major role in creating the mood along with the atmosphere of an image, you will definitely get some other mood inside the indoors and also the outdoors.

As well, you will recognize that the places with a lot more people convey community plus more activity, whilst the isolated spaces convey loneliness and solitude.


You could have also observed that your shots offer an entirely different mood and atmosphere at different hours through the day. Once you take shots in the golden hour, you will definitely get to view a soft, warm and diffused glow inside the image.

Again, the strong, midday sun is likely to create harsher shadows. The photos which can be taken with the midday will likely convey a sense of tension due to great contrast involving the shadow and the light.

Whenever you shoot right after the sunset, you get to view a dash of drama and mystery inside the shots because of the darkness present in the silhouettes.

In order to grasp a greater insight on the best time of the day, try capturing the emotions of softness and hardness by photographing them on the different hours through the day. Use the More Information to maintain your gadget charged through the shooting session.


Another significant element of time is definitely the different seasons. Every season will have a distinctive atmosphere which is best conveyed throughout the transformations inside the color, light as well as the weather.

This could be best observed once you photograph trees at each and every season through the entire year. When in springs the trees are characterized with blossoming flowers, vibrant shades along with a dexnpky73 nature, the trees of summer are definitely more abundant naturally. Here there are actually the leaves reach out their branches towards blue skies.

Autumn will impart a warm and comforting atmosphere through the comfortable hues of brown, orange and yellow; while, winter will convey a sense of somberness, serenity and stillness with all the bare branches.

One of the best methods to observe exactly how the seasons really modify the atmosphere is actually by shooting a similar location or perhaps the subject all through the year.


Colors are some of the best ways to add mood and atmosphere to your shots. They elicit a large variety of emotions and qualities like passion, joy and tranquility. Here, you may use the warm shades of yellow, orange and red for conveying comfort, action and excitement. At the same time, you can utilize the cool shades of purple, blue and green for conveying serenity and peacefulness.